Poor Little Goopster

Squirting my milk into her eyes to fight the pink.


for those of you reading this and wondering where I've been the past month... I birthed a beautiful little baby! we've been a little busy with family, nursing, postpartum difficulties, baby cuddles, nursing, sickness, oh and did I mention nursing? :-)
I'm posting words & pictures out of order... just to get back into it. so stay tuned if you wanna see more newborn cuteness and eventually a birth story! but I would suggest subscribing to my blog because the posts will be dated with the actual date they happened, so you'll have to search if you don't get the notifications.


One Month New

This girl looks different in every photograph,
and every day.

I like to look back and see just how tiny she was,
in the moments after she entered the world.
Soooo tiny.
My awesome sister in law snapped pictures at the real exact moment she entered the world,
in a cozy tub of water, she was so blue!
with a full head of hair, caked in vernix.
Pictures for another time ;-)


Inspired by: Maxfield Parrish

oh obsessions.
sometimes they are fruitless,
ending in hours spent trolling the internet for photos and information.

and other times...
times like this...
I become motivated to the point of creation.

moved by his brilliant color schemes,
I cleaned and dyed half a merino fleece,
drying wool

blended bunches of batts,

spun yards and yards of singles
and then plied and plied.

Thanks for the inspiration
Maxfield Parrish


Thirty Five Weeks

Thirty Five Weeks

"Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious."

my body is a vessel
a living machine.
nurturing a little human
whom I've never met.
but we have
in our minds.
we are connected

do you dream, little one?
do we dream together?

link within

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